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Traditional Ukrainian Axe "Hutsul"

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Hand-forged traditional axe in the Carpathian Highlanders. It`s also can be called Bartka or Valashka.

Bartka emerged simultaneously with the settlement at the Carpathian slopes. Highlyfunctional combination of stick, axe and hammer was generated by the needs of the specificity of living in mountainous areas. Its originёs determined not only by some types of hand weapons, but also due to the functional needs of the inhabitants of the mountains. Firstly, walking on the mountain slopes without a bark - the stick is rather difficult. However, ordinary cane does not help much in dense thickets. A tool was needed that would combine a stick with an axe. Secondly, in mountain forest people were at risk of meeting not only with predators, but even robbers. So, it was necessary to have weapon to protect themselves.

The axe is functional. Cutting edge is forged.

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