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Mini Black Double-Bit Hatchet

Mini Black Double-Bit Hatchet

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A Mini Double-Bit Hatchet is a robust, versatile cutting tool featuring a wooden handle and a steel head with two sharp edges. Known for its durability and craftsmanship, this traditional axe is suitable for a wide range of cutting tasks, from precision work to heavy chopping.


Cutting Edge Length: 2.4 in (6.0 cm)

Head Length: 4.3 in (11.0 cm)

Full Length: 10.0 in (26.0 cm)

Total Weight: 0.87 lb (0.395 kg) (including handle and sheath)

Handle Material: Ash Tree Wood

Blade Material: Carbon Steel

Accessories: Leather Case


Each of our axe heads is forged by hand and hardened from expertly selected 52100 steel. The outcome is exceptional cutting capabilities and superior rust resistance, guaranteeing its long-lasting quality and dependability. All our axes’ heads come professionally sharpened and are ready for your tasks.


Crafted from premium ash wood, our axe handles deliver durability, a comfortable grip, shock absorption, and great overall balance. All these qualities translate into exceptional user experience.


Want to make it uniquely yours? We offer complimentary small-touch personalization such as your name or initials. We can also further personalize your item with custom carving at additional cost, where you can engrave intricate patterns on the handle. Reach out to us for further details and choices.


We ship from Ukraine to global destinations. Please keep in mind that while delivery times can vary, the typical shipping times are at least 14-20 days for the USA, approximately 20-30 days for Canada and Australia, and around 15 days for most European countries.


Buyers in the EU and UK have to pay purchase tax. Consult with your local tax authorities to calculate your tax due, as all taxes and fees are the buyer’s responsibility. You can pay tax due at the time of purchase, and in this case we will attach your tax number to the package. If the tax is not paid upon purchase, it will be charged upon receipt.


Full satisfaction guarantee: We accept returns for non-personalized and non-customized items that have not been used.

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