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Bushcraft Camping Set

Bushcraft Camping Set

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If you're seeking a reliable and versatile tool for your outdoor adventures, look no further than our Bushcraft Camping Set of Axe and Knife. Crafted with precision and care, this axes is the perfect companion for all your camping, backyard, and wilderness needs.

📐 Specifications and Key Features:

Knife Full Length: 20 cm (7.87 in).
Knife Blade Length: 7 cm (2.75 in).
Size of the Axe`s Head: 8*13 cm (3.1*5.1 in).
Axe Length: 30 cm (11.8 in).
Handle Material: Sturdy Wood.
Blade Material: Tough Carbon Steel.
Total Weight: 1.452 kg (3.2 lb) (including handles and leather case).
Include: Leather Case (for carring on the shoulders or handly).

🏕️ Designed for Performance:
This camping hatchet axes features a sturdy wood handle for improved leverage and control. It's one of our most sought-after models, ideal for a wide range of applications, including felling, chopping, limbing, and splitting.

🛠️ Exceptional Craftsmanship:
The axe head is meticulously hand-forged and hardened from 52100 (100Cr6) steel. This results in outstanding cutting capabilities and increased resistance to rust, ensuring longevity and reliability.

🪵 Premium Ash Wood Handle:
The handle is skillfully crafted from ash tree wood, providing a comfortable grip and enhancing the axe's overall balance. It comes complete with a leather case for safe storage and transport.

🔨 Made to Order:
Please note that each Forged Axe is meticulously handcrafted to order. Our skilled artisans will create this masterpiece with the utmost care and precision.

✏️ Customization Available:
Are you looking to add a personal touch? We offer custom carving services, allowing you to inscribe runes, names, or intricate patterns onto the handle. Contact us for more details and options.

🌎 Worldwide Shipping:
We proudly ship from Ukraine to destinations around the world. Delivery times may vary but generally take at least 14-20 days to the USA, approximately 20-30 days to Canada and Australia, and around 15 days to most European countries.

Please note that all taxes and customs duties are the responsibility of the buyer. Any applicable taxes and customs fees incurred during the shipping and importation process are to be paid by the customer
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