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Forged Viking Axe with Hammer, v. 2.0

Forged Viking Axe with Hammer, v. 2.0

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This is a hand forged Viking Bearded axe with hammer made of hardened 52100 (100Cr6) steel with a leather case and carved (ash tree) handle with leather.

The steel has better cutting properties and is more protected from rust.

Size of an axe`s head ~13*16,5 cm
Total length:52,5 cm.
Total weight - 1.1-1.3 kg (with handle and sheath)

The axe is absolutely functional. Cutting edge is forged. You can use it for camping, hatchet wood, felling trees, etc.

We need 30-60 days for make it.

We can make the axe for you in your size and with carving (We can carve runes, names or various patterns). Please contact me to get more information.

Shipping worldwide from Ukraine, it takes at least 3-5 weeks to deliver to USA, Canada and Australia and near 30 days to most European countries.

!!!EU and UK buyers will pay purchase tax. Check your tax percentage locally. All taxes and fees are the responsibility of the buyer!!!

Thank you for your visit.

Best Regards,
FadirTools Team
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