In what currency are the prices?

  • All prices are in US dollars

What kind of steel are you using?

  • Steel analogs to steel 52100

What are the axe handles made of? 

  • We use only Yellow Tree (Ash)

Is Sheath included in the product kit?

  • Each product with a sharp edge comes with a sheath.

Can you deliver to ….

  • Worldwide delivery

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Someday the war will end. And the world needs tools’: why a Ukrainian toolmaker keeps working

Fadir Tools, an artisan toolmaker in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, has had a tricky war. When the Russians invaded Ukraine in February 2022, owner Serhii Ivin, 41, closed the factory, picked up his pump action shotgun and headed for the main administrative building to help defend the city. A couple of nights later a Russian rocket landed just down the hall. He spent the next few weeks holed up in the basement.

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